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App and wearable to scan health status in a minute. The accuracy of checkups is more than 85%. It implements a state-of-art pulse diagnosis technology and a holistic approach of oriental medicine.

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Wellness tracker with a holistic health scan

Get detailed insights about your well-being.


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What is inside?

Pulse analysis

A new technology of spectrum/phase detection provides detailed health status

Health score

Holistic assessment of body well being

CUstomized pulse oximeter sensor

20 times more accurate than regular sensor

AI & Bigdata

BigData analisys with Machine learning

Cloud monitor

Be always connected to the online every-day-improving system

Tired of useless trackers?

The Lifetrackers is the only one to evaluate Health in a Holistic way. We are Shazam for pulse health evaluation. Listen to pulse to find spectrum patterns that correspond to various diseases. It was confirmed in scientific studies, showing up to 95% accuracy in detecting diseases of asymptomatic patients. The research took 30 years of our scientific group, and now here we are!
Tired of useless trackers?

People say

I use Lifetracker for fast and reliable health evaluation after trainings, and and it turned out to be the most accurate device to the date to predict how do I feel in several hours after and during the whole day. Use it for planning the day after sport.
Its like future thermometer for me - i can see flues one day BEFORE I'm actually catch a cold. I don't deeply understand how they do it, but it works for me!
Bought for my mom, to see her health status any time. Works perfectly, I can use margins to get alerts for different health parameters. Easy to use for her too, only one number and its all you have to know.


It is a unique tool for health promotion, health risks monitoring, biohacking.
LifeTracker helps to choose the right exercises and yoga. It tells how to manage your nutrition. It calculates the proper time to work, to sleep and when to take meals.
Balance nutrition, improve sleep, take care of elder relatives with a LifeTracker!

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